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Read the 2017-2018 Africa House Newsletter


Download the 2017-2018 Africa House Newsletter Here Dear Friends of Africa House, This past year has been a busy, exciting time here at Africa House. Our research, programs, and events last year further informed us about opportunities on the African continent, as well as African issues, new and old. Through these incredible discussions, research activities, […]

Read the 2015-2016 Africa House Newsletter


Download the 2015-2016 Africa House Newsletter Here Dear friends of Africa House, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your ongoing support, interest, and engagement with Africa House over the years. As we release the 2015-2016 newsletter, we reflect on the tremendous research activities, programs, and interest in Africa across NYU’s […]

The Developmental State in Africa: Back to Basics

by Steve Kayizzi-Mugerwa

Introduction The role of the state in the economy has been at the centre of Africa’s development debates from the early 1960s. In those post-independence years, state control of the “commanding heights” was more the rule than the exception. National development plans laid out detailed strategies for resource mobilization and identified sectors that required special […]

UAE Migrant Labor

by Liron Lerman

In a front page article of the NY Times, NYU  gets some negative press related to the treatment of construction workers building its new campus on Saadiyat Island. My view is that the article was a bit harsh on NYU and got some facts wrong. The official NYU response is here. There have been reforms in the labor […]

CTED Town Hall on Pineapple Cultivation in the Afram Plains

by Liron Lerman

On March 10th CTED hosted a Town Hall that featured a hands-on training session for small holder farmers in the Afram Plains co-presented by our CTED partner Mr. Kwadwo Sarpong, Director of the Kumawu office of the Ghana Ministry of Agriculture (MoFA). The topic for the training was best practices in pineapple cultivation.  The hands-on tutorial […]

CTED 2014 Annual Meeting

by Liron Lerman

New York University’s Center for Technology and Economic Development (CTED) held its Fourth Annual Meeting on February 25, 2014 at the Intercontinental Hotel in Abu Dhabi. The aim of this year’s event was to highlight the possibilities for innovative technologies to contribute to emerging regions’ economic development, within the context of CTED’s five main research areas: Finance, Education, […]

On My Way to Abu Dhabi

by Liron Lerman

I am on my way to Abu Dhabi, the capital of the UAE – the United Arab Emirates.   Earlier today in New York I spoke to a Nigerian worker at a bank who thought Dubai was a country and Abu Dhabi its capital – just to show how this country, formed in 1971, and particularly […]

No Roads, No Votes

by Liron Lerman

Without a doubt, the people in developing countries are right in emphasizing the importance of roads.  It is for many villages, the very definition of modernity.  The road links the village to the rest of the country – bringing an expansion in the market whose importance Adam Smith has so forcefully written about.  Getting the […]