On March 10th CTED hosted a Town Hall that featured a hands-on training session for small holder farmers in the Afram Plains co-presented by our CTED partner Mr. Kwadwo Sarpong, Director of the Kumawu office of the Ghana Ministry of Agriculture (MoFA). The topic for the training was best practices in pineapple cultivation.  The hands-on tutorial which took place at an area farm was conducted by Mr. Emmanuel Owusu Oduro. Its purpose was to introduce some of the best practices in pineapple cultivation to farmers in the area and to provide them with the opportunity to engage in open dialogue and knowledge exchange among their peers as well as with (MoFA) agricultural extension officers.

Mr. Sarpong has been an invaluable partner to the CTED research team led by Prof. Yaw Nyarko. The strong linkages between his office and the local farmers in Kumawu and the surrounding villages has provided CTED with unparalleled access to farmers through our regularly convened town halls, and our ongoing research activities. The CTED Town Halls in the Afram Plains provide local farmers, traders, civic representatives and ministry experts with a platform to share best practices, brainstorm solutions to farming and market challenges, and offer practical training opportunities through MoFA and CTED teams.

Additionally, CTED has been working with farmers in the Afram Plains on our mobile Market App. Farmers in rural Africa often lack important geographical and agricultural information about their land. Sometimes they do not even know the boundaries of their own property. CTED built a GIS agricultural mapping system that allows farmers to precisely map the boundaries of their land and food transportation routes.

CTED is also studying the technology and economics of Market Information Systems, and is working with Esoko, a company that uses mobile phone technology to send price alerts to the farmers so that they are better able to negotiate with traders and build better lives for themselves. CTED’s project focuses both on the impact of this technology and on developing ways to enhance it to help smallholder farmers in rural Ghana.

We have also hosted other Town Hall events on The Best Practices in Yam Cultivation, a well attended forum on Tourism & Greening for Rural Economic Transformation among several others.  We plan to continue to engage farming communities in constructive conversations that lead to new peer-to-peer insights and the dissemination of local knowledge and expertise between farmers.