Africa House in Partnership with Yolélé, an African Food Company


Undergraduate Marketing Internships for Three Qualified NYU Students

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Chef Pierre Thiam of Senegal and New York City has started a social venture called Yolélé, a food company centered on the ancient African grain fonio, which grows in the West African Sahel. We intend to transform the economy of rural West Africa by turning fonio from a subsistence crop to a global cash crop on the level of quinoa. We just launched in July ’17 and are currently creating a marketplace for fonio in the United States. We (a team of three) are hoping to attract a few bright, highly motivated college students that have an affinity for Africa to join our fellowship program here in New York City.

A Yolélé Fellow will be fully immersed in our marketing activities and work directly with one of our founding partners. There will be no busy work, no support staff stuff – no “run out and bring back some coffee.” Our fellows will get a hands-on education in entrepreneurship, public relations, guerilla marketing, and the food industry. We are committed to training; it is important to us that the Yolélé Fellow experience is formative and positive.

We are still very much in the start-up phase, so our resources are limited. We’re offering fellows a $500 per month stipend. The time commitment is around 10 hours per week, and the time-frame is on-going: four seasons. Fellows can engage for a semester or for inter-semester breaks.

Fellows will work remotely and will check-in live with company co-founders 1-2 times per week. Candidates should be strong communicators who feel driven to make a meaningful impact in Africa and are comfortable facing the public.

If you are interested in the position, please send along a resume and a brief cover-letter (which can be in the form of an email) to