Professor Awam Amkpa is the Associate Professor of Social and Cultural Analysis at the Tisch School of the Arts. In his two-hour exhibition at NYU Africa House, Professor Amkpa will talk about his recent exhibition Africa: Significations which took place between May 2-29, 2017 in Havana, Cuba.  From geometry sequencing and calligraphy, paintings and sculptures, and music, dance and photography, this New York exhibition of Significations will offer a dialogic display of visual and performing arts that archives the texts and methods of an expansive contemporary Africa and its place in contemporary histories of art. Significations builds on the curatorial narrative of that exhibition by staging works in which African and African diasporic conventions of theme and style inscribe such ideas as subjectivity, citizenship, and spirituality into the larger, trans-African world of art-making.

Exhibitions in Cuba and New York sponsored by NYU Africa House.

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Image above by Africa: Significations featured artist Omar Victor Diop.