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CTED Town Hall on Pineapple Cultivation in the Afram Plains

by Liron Lerman

On March 10th CTED hosted a Town Hall that featured a hands-on training session for small holder farmers in the Afram Plains co-presented by our CTED partner Mr. Kwadwo Sarpong, Director of the Kumawu office of the Ghana Ministry of Agriculture (MoFA). The topic for the training was best practices in pineapple cultivation.  The hands-on tutorial […]

No Roads, No Votes

by Liron Lerman

Without a doubt, the people in developing countries are right in emphasizing the importance of roads.  It is for many villages, the very definition of modernity.  The road links the village to the rest of the country – bringing an expansion in the market whose importance Adam Smith has so forcefully written about.  Getting the […]

Ghana’s Currency Tumbles

by Liron Lerman

Ghana’s Currency Tumbles – by Yaw Nyarko The value of the Ghanaian cedi has taken a somewhat big hit recently, measuring a decline of 8% against the dollar in January, and continuing in its downward trend with a 1.2 percentage point decline in the past several days (See below, Chart from Within days of the […]