The following NYU faculty members have strong Africa or Africana interests:

J. Lawrence Aber Steinhardt, Applied Psychology and Public Policy
Awam Amkpa Tisch, Drama
Offiong Aqua Steinhardt, Art and Education
Nancy Barton Steinhardt, Art and Art Education
Robert Berne Wagner, Public Policy and Financial Management
Breyten Breytenbach FAS, Creative Writing
Chris Collins FAS, Linguistics
Dalton Conley FAS, Sociology
Fred Cooper FAS, History
Kevin E. Davis School of Law
Karen Day NYU School of Medicine Medical Parasitology
Manthia Diawara FAS, Comparative Literature, Africana Studies
George Downs FAS, Politics
William Easterly FAS, Economics, Africana Studies
Frankie Edozien Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute
John Gershman Wagner, Public Service
Lewis Goldfrank M.D. NYU Department of Emergency Medicine
Michael Gomez FAS, History
Lynn Gumpert Grey Art Gallery
Sally Guttmacher Steinhardt, Public Health
Lyle Aston Harris Steinhardt, Art and Art Education
Richard Hull FAS, History
Stuart M Hirsch NYU College of Dentistry
Lewis A. Kornhauser School of Law
David Levering-Lewis FAS, History
James Macinko Steinhardt, Public Health
Jonathan Murdoch Wagner, Public Policy and Economics
Pamela Newkirk FAS, Journalism
Yaw Nyarko FAS, Economics
Hila Richardson NYU College of Nursing
Marcia Rock Journalism at NYU
John Singler GSAS, Linguistics
Paul Smoke Wagner, Public Finance and Planning
Clyde Taylor Gallatin School, Individualized Study and Africana Studies
Deborah Willis Tisch, Photography and Imaging
Jonathan Zimmerman Steinhardt, Educational History