Africa House Art Collection: New York City

Africa House is home to 76 spectacular art pieces including masks, miniatures, rods, terracotta sculptures, ceramic vessels, and many others from 16 countries in Africa. Some of the items in our art collection date back to as early as the 11th century and were used in religious and cultural ceremonies like fertility rights, burials, coronations, etc. They were pulled out of everyday use and after making their way around the world, they were collected and given to Africa House by an anonymous donor.

Kumawu Palace Museum, Ghana

The Kumawu Palace Museum is located in Kumawu, a small town in the Ashanti region of Ghana where our Research Center in located. Donated by members of the local community, the museum is home to 60 art pieces including drums, stools, horns, hunting weapons, clothing items, etc. Many of these items are still being used in religious and cultural ceremonies by chiefs, queen mothers, and members of the community.

Origins of the Collection’s Objects: