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2016 Annual Ghana Rural Economic Development Forum

CTED Mobile Apps, Technology, and Community Engagement

Drive Economic Development

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In the rural community of Kumawu in the Ashanti Region, path-breaking mobile phone technologies were developed to help smallholder rural farmers revolutionize the way they trade and open up new markets. Led by Professor Yaw Nyarko, amongst other distinguished community leaders and stakeholders, Africa House and affiliate Center for Technology and Economic Development (CTED) presented mobile apps, Android phones, and drone technologies for economic development during the 2ndAnnual Ghana Rural Economic Development Forum.

In addition to community leaders, Africa House and CTED welcomed the leadership of the International Growth Centre (IGC) Ghana, the Ghana Commodities Exchange, and NYU Accra, and more than 200 public and private sector participants to discuss how technology-driven solutions can significantly impact economic development.

The CTED Tech Lab, co-facilitated by partners from Ghana’s Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MOFA), featured presentations on mapping, transport tracking (LiveTracker), and commodities trading (MarketPlace).

Professor Yaw Nyarko, Director of NYU Africa House and CTED, said, “The foremost way in which economic development can be enhanced is through technology. By utilizing mobile apps, sophisticated image recognition processing, and big data, CTED can gain insights to market trends, agricultural yields, flow of goods, and much more. This data has the potential to inform community leaders and members for long-term planning and maximum socio-economic impact.”

Through community engagement programs, CTED presented a series of activities that were launched in 2016. Principally, the Kumawuman Educational Fund was established by CTED to provide funding to bright students in the community. During the CTED Forum, seven students were awarded the first class of scholarships. Second, the Kumawuman Development Investment Trust was created to provide financial planning and income-generating opportunities for the community. Now in its second year of operation, the Kumawuman Palace Museum, founded by CTED and the Traditional Council, showcased an exhibition featuring traditional artifacts contributed from community members, documentary films, a chieftaincy administration guide, and cultural heritage programs.

Prior to the forum, CTED provided the third class of scholarships to outstanding students at Tweneboa Kodua Senior High School (TKSHS). Twenty CTED TKSHS scholarships were awarded during the program.

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