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African Transport Corridors and Waterways

Dorothy Muroki, Project Director, ROADS, discussed the African transport sector, the ROADS Project, and their unique public-private partnership. The Roads to a Healthy Future (ROADS) Project, managed by FHI 360 with funding from the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), is the US Government’s regional platform to address HIV and broader health challenges along transport corridors, including key ports, in East, Central and Southern Africa. ROADS works closely with national governments, local implementing partners and the private sector to develop sustainable prevention and mitigation programming targeted to the needs of mobile populations and the vulnerable community members with whom they interact. In a unique public-private partnership, FHI 360, USAID and Dubai Ports (DP) World have come together to establish SafeTStop Community Centers to provide health and other services to port workers, their families, truck drivers and others in host communities. This event was followed by a wine and cheese reception.

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