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New Directions in Transportation in Development: “Evaluating the Dubai Model: The Case of Djibouti”

On April 1st, NYU Africa House welcomed Dr. Ethan Chorin of the Dubai School of Government to discuss transportation in development and in particular the case of Djibouti. Since 2000, the Emirate of Dubai has cultivated a relationship with the African country of Djibouti that is unusual in its scope and depth. Indeed, Dubai’s investments in this ‘micro state’ at the foot of the Red Sea touch almost every aspect of the economy, from transportation to banking and tourism. Dr. Chorin traced the evolution of the UAE-Djibouti relationship from preferential loans granted by the UAE government in the 1970s to the opening of the state-of-the-art Doraleh Container Terminal (DCT) in 2009. In the process, he explained the tangible impact of these investments as well as what Djibouti may mean for the future of African aid, in addition to any articulation of a “Dubai Model” of development.